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No, Russians Really Attacked Us

Once again, the Trumpian Right gets straight A’s for pure, unadulterated, and almost magical stupidity. In February, a group of Russian mercenaries attacked an American base in Syria …and were almost wiped out. The Russians went in with automatic rifles, the Americans replied with artillery and air strikes.

That much is known. It’s a fact. It’s on all the front pages. And, yet, somehow, apparently, rumors are circulating among the Trumpsters that it never happened. This is all some false flag attack created by the Liberal Press to smear our noble President and his Russian friends.

We shouldn’t be surprised, of course. If the Trumpsters can somehow overlook dead children and accuse grieving parents of being “crisis actors,” well, what’s a little thing like a battle overseas? Easy to explain away.

But, even the National Review says that the attack happened and should be taken very seriously. That’s the National Review, remember. As in William F. Buckley’s mag. As in right of Attila The Hun.

And, in Americans and Russians Fought a Battle in Syria — It’s Time to Care, David French dispels any doubts about False Flags and makes it real clear that we ought to be paying close attention to this incident. It is obvious, he says, that the Russians are more than willing to shoot at us, and we need to keep that in mind. In fact, he says, World War III could start all too easily in Syria.

But there’s the problem. The National Review is the old face of conservatism in America. The new face is people like Alex Jones and Infowars. They aren’t going to listen to Mr. French’s well-reasoned arguments.

And as for Trump…

Let’s hope that John Kelly has his ear firmly between thumb and forefinger.

The Little Professor