No Quarter for "Conservatives"

No Quarter for “Conservatives”

William B. Turner

I see people who should know better repeating the nonsense that people like Bill Kristol and Ana Navarro spew. Both have become vocal critics of the so called president.

Don’t let them off the hook so easily. Trump is just the logical outcome of the strategy Nixon thought up in 1968 of running on behalf of the “silent majority,” meaning all those good, upstanding (white) people who were at home watching their boob tubes instead of out protesting the Vietnam War or racial segregation or whatever else. He then governed in such a way as to deliberately break up the New Deal coalition by setting white, working class voters against African Americans. He is the architect of the noxious idea that gains for African Americans come at the expense of white people – the racial resentment that Trump played on to get elected and continues to play on now that he is so called president.

No matter her/his explicit position on any of these issues, anyone who has publicly identified as a Republican or a “conservative since Nixon is complicit in this political program.

If anything, “conservatives” of color, such as Clarence Thomas are even more guilty because they help cover up the racism that lies implicit in the Republican program by being publicly identified as African American Republicans.

Okay, so now Bill Kristol suddenly wants to state his dissent from the so called president’s comment about “shithole countries.” Too little, too late. You already helped make the mess and you’re not really helping clean it up with your pathetic tweets.

We should give no quarter to “conservatives” and Republican officials since Nixon. We hear a lot of talk these days about “reaching out” (ugh) to Trump voters. Some of them have legitimate grievances and we should address them, but we should not bend over backwards to accommodate them.

But we should absolutely not let anyone who has used her/his status as a fashionable “conservative” to gain any public prominence get away with escaping the stain that is the Donald. They fed the maw. They should wear the vomit.