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Night Of The Living Trump Zombies

Our friend Chauncey DeVega has a new podcast this week to which everyone ought to give a listen. He interviews Steven Hassan, who is probably the country’s leading authority on cults and cult behaviors. During the conversation, we learn a lot of about cults and how they work…and guess what? (Like this is a surprise.) Trump functions as a classic cult leader, and his followers act very much like cult members.

It is a frightening exchange. We see Trump and Trumpism as what they are—i.e., not far from Jim Jones and the Kool Aid (well, technically, Flavor Aid, but why split hairs?)

Is there a positive take-away from this conversation? Anywhere? Maybe. People can be extracted from cults…“deprogrammed” as it were. Hassan hints that it is possible for Trumpsters to be rescued.

Alas, DeVaga isn’t so sure of that.