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Next Korean War A Serious Killer

Have you ever noticed how a certain kind of Republican doesn’t seem to quite get the fact that war kills people?

The latest example of that particular brand of non-thinking comes with North Korea, where it seems our Fearless Leader wants to go to war, right now, with Kim Jong-un. And, incredibly, some of his enablers in office appear to be egging him on. Worse, nobody in his entourage or the GOP-dominated Congress appear to be doing much to get him switched off.

This is particularly gruesome because, quite frankly, it looks like taking out Kim would not be a particularly easy task. A recent article by Yochi Dreazen, Here’s what war with North Korea would look like,” in Vox, makes it painfully clear that war with North Korea would be a bloodbath.

Dreazen, who knows what he’s talking about (he’s a long time observer of military affairs), writes that Kim would fight back fiercely, and with every weapon at his disposal. That includes his small but growing nuclear arsenal, a vast supply of chemical weapons (North Korea may have the largest supply of nerve agents in the world), all manner of conventional guns and bombs, and an army that numbers in the millions.

Should war break out, he notes, the Americans might eventually win it, but at a vast cost in human life. Millions of Koreans, North and South, would surely perish in the first few months…even the first few minutes…of the conflict. American casualties would be very high, and the war could spread easily. Japan would also be a tempting target for a North Korea made desperate by possible defeat, as would Guam, and maybe a few cities on the U.S. mainland.

It is hardly an attractive scenario. Yet, that seems exactly what certain Republicans, not to mention Trump, are happily envisioning.

You really must wonder. Do they genuinely not understand? Is it a failure of imagination? Are they really ignorant of the fact that bombs and bullets kill and maim?

Or is it that they just don’t care…so long as it is someone else’s children who are sent away to die?

~The Professor