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Newsweek Says Mueller Has NRA’s Tax Records

You do recall how the NRA’s spokes-creature Dana Loesch said back  in 2016 that journalists are “the rat bastards of the earth” and that she would be “happy, frankly, to see them curb-stomped”?  And remember how after the shootings in Annapolis at the Capital Gazette the NRA didn’t exactly rush up and express a lot of sympathy?

Well, the NRA may be about to get a little of its own back. Newsweek is reporting that Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation team may have the NRA’s tax returns, and is looking at them very, very closely. The NRA, after all, put a big chunk of money into the election of Donald Trump, and seems to have gotten part of that cash from friends in high places…in Russia.

Of course, we have no idea what…if anything…Mueller’s people will find in those records. But, still, you gotta confess, there is something rather pleasant about the idea of certain people at the NRA, and in gun company lobbies in D.C., and maybe among certain people resident at the White House, having rather unpleasant dreams right now.

Sort of what goes around, comes around…

Don’t you know?