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Neo-Nazis and Violent Police: A Love Story

It’s not been a good week for Liberals and human rights activists. On Saturday, 21 April, Neo-Nazis held a rally in the town of Newnan, Ga. At the rally, they erected a large swastika and an Othala Rune and burned them, the way that the KKK burns crosses.

That, believe it or not, is the good news.

It’s good news because there weren’t many of them and when all was done and said they Neo-Nazis basically just looked ridiculous. Best guesses are that there were only about 24 racists in attendance, and they were far outnumbered by counter-protesters and police officers.

Which, again, believe it or not, is the bad news.

It’s bad news because apparently the police closed in on the counter-protesters and were fairly inhumane about it. According to Christopher Mathias, a reporter for Huffpost, the police selected any anti-Nazi who happened to be wearing a bandana and, then, were pretty abusive. Arrests followed, and those were just as violent.

In short, once again, the police don’t exactly come across as even handed. Right-wing thugs get a “get out of jail free” card, and everyone else gets the boot.

Which is, needless to say, a bit distressing. And one has to wonder what will happen when, as will occur eventually, the Trump regime gets even more Fascistic than it is already, and people go into the streets to exercise their constitutional rights of assembly and free speech.