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Nazi May Be GOP Nominee

Arthur Jones, an avowed anti-Semite, Racist, and Holocaust denier is running unopposed to be the Republican candidate for Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.



Wait. What? This isn’t The Onion?

Nope. It seems that in Illinois, a very nice state IOHO, there is a Nazi aiming to be the GOP’s candidate for the House of Representatives.

A real Nazi. Not a typical wink-wink, nudge-nudge, “I’m-Not-A-Racist-But…” Republican. No. A genuinely anti-Semitic, overtly Racist, and Holocaust denying Nazi.

The candidate in question is Arthur Jones, a fringe-dweller of the sort who’s always showing up to run for office, and getting a hatful of votes from people even more nutty than he is. Huffpost notes that he’s “a former leader in the American Nazi Party… [whose] campaign website show[s] him speaking at KKK and neo-Nazi events, giving the Nazi salute and shredding the flag of Israel. 

He is also a Holocaust denier. The Washington Post notes that he has described “the atrocities as a ‘racket’ and ‘the biggest, blackest, lie in history.’”

So why is this guy a serious candidate for the GOP’s nomination? Because he is the only one running for the honor. He is in a solidly Democratic district and nobody else in the GOP thought it was worth the effort.

The party’s done its best to disassociate itself from Jones, but that he’s running at all has resulted in a thoroughgoing PR disaster. Right now, all over the world, there are snotty left-wing publications (like ours) writing snotty articles (like this one) and drawing comparisons with Donald Trump’s own Racism, and his idiotic characterization of the Charlottesville protestors as “very fine people” (just like I’m doing right now).

Probably unfair. I should be ashamed of myself.

Yet…curiously I’m not.

Because there is the inescapable reality that Trump did call white nationalists “very fine people,” and Trump did run a campaign based on xenophobia and hatred, and his current policy of arbitrary arrest and deportation of immigrants really does look like an exercise in ethnic cleansing.

So, maybe…

Maybe you have to ask if the GOP’s mainstream, which allowed Trump to become its candidate and supports him now that he is president, isn’t a bit complicit.

And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Jones came to rest in the GOP because he knew that, deep down…

It was his natural home.