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Mueller Report: It’s Only Just Begun

Robert Mueller delivered his report to Attorney General William Barr late yesterday afternoon (Friday, 23 March). Exactly what that means now, and what it will mean for the Trump presidency remains maddeningly unclear. We don’t know, as yet, what is in the report, what Barr will reveal to the public (if anything), and whether the Democrats will be able to the use the report against Trump.

We can guess, however, that no matter what is in the report, the GOP-controlled Senate will prevent any move toward impeachment, and that Trump’s followers will reject any suggestion that their hero has been disloyal to the nation or has acted in a criminal manner. Indeed, as far as the Republican party and Trump’s supporters are concerned, it may be that Mueller and his report might as well have never existed at all.

That said, though, we can also be certain that whatever is in Mueller’s report, it will not be flattering to Trump, and in the longer run, will reveal him as a villain to history, even if not to the present.