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Mueller indicts Russians for interfering in elections

Okay, everyone, shit just got real…

According to multiple sources, Robert Mueller and the DOJ just charged thirteen Russians with interfering in the US election to help elect der Drumpf. According to the Guardian, “Mueller’s office said 13 Russians and three Russian entities, including the notorious state-backed “troll farm” the Internet Research Agency, had been indicted by a federal grand jury in Washington DC.

Reuters, meanwhile, is saying that “The 37-page indictment filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller described a conspiracy to disrupt the U.S. election by people who adopted false online personas to push divisive messages; traveled to the United States to collect intelligence; and staged political rallies while posing as Americans.”

In short, everything you thought about the 2016 election, was absolutely true. The only question now is how soon Mueller or somebody will track this story right back to where we all know it’s going, The Orange One himself.

Check out as well this video of the DOJ press conference on the indictments: