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Has Mueller Got The Trumpsters By The Short Hairs?

Could it be that Trump won’t fire Robert Mueller after all? And that he won’t because his underlings are scared shitless of what Mueller knows about them?

In a fascinating article, “Robert Mueller just pulled an ace from his sleeve, and Donald Trump’s team just flinched,” Bill Palmer, writing in his The Palmer Report, argues that the Orange One planned to terminate the special prosecutor in the week before Christmas (i.e., just about now). But, then, things got a little more complicated. Palmer writes, “Mueller has been sitting on fifty thousand emails from the Trump transition team all along … Mueller had kept this a secret, and had tricked Trump’s people into a false sense of security by requesting copies of the emails that he already had. Trump’s people only turned over the non-incriminating emails, and thought they were covered.”

But, then, when Mueller revealed that he had those other, vastly more incriminating documents, the Drumpfsters panicked. They knew that in those emails was evidence that could put many of them in jail. Faced with that grim prospect, they sent a covert message to Mueller when the White House (but not necessarily Trump himself) announced that Mueller’s position was safe. “This reads,” Palmer writes, “like a clear attempt on the part of Trump’s team to signal to Mueller that they can indeed keep Trump under control, and that there’s no need for Mueller to release the proverbial kraken on them.”

True? False? Could go either way at the moment. Let’s hope it is true. But, also, let’s not get over-confident. Trump’s people have already proved that they can’t control his actions. The Orange One could still fire the special counsel.

And if he does, we need to take to the streets.

Big time.