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Mueller Bomb or Dud?

Mueller finally dropped the bomb, or sort of this last Friday.  He has concluded his investigation and turned over his report to Attorney General Barr.  The problem is not very many people have seen the report yet to see what is actually in it; so at this point very few actually know how explosive it actually is.   Barr may attempt to further obstruct justice by not releasing this report.  Hopefully, Mueller made a recommendation in the report about this very subject.  

I won’t try and speculate too much at this point, but I’m pretty sure the reason Mueller won’t be issuing new indictments for Trump or any of his family directly is because Mueller has probably seen the constant pattern of obstruction that Trump is willing to attempt.  Nothing has been mentioned yet of the past sealed indictments.  Almost everyone is of the agreement Donald Trump is “Individual 1”.  Trump is also in a uniquely powerful position, at the moment, to further obstruct justice.  At this point Trump federally pardoning his crime family and associates is just another form of obstruction of justice.  Trump clearly thinks he can even pardon even himself on a federal level for any and everything he has done.  

Mueller had successfully handed the baton over to the Southern District of New York.  They have been fully investigating Trump, his criminal family, and his network of shady acquaintances.  Trump will not be as effective at obstructing in this arena because his federal power to pardon will be meaningless.  

I believe it would have been possible for Mueller to do more indictments, yet at this point I have to have faith in the justice system and that the Southern District of New York will act swiftly and correctly to bring some justice and penalties to the Trump crime syndicate and their associates.  All future indictments will come out of SDNY.  


So the real questions are… What does SDNY know, and how and when will they act?  What will be the outcome of those actions?