The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of “White Supremacy” - Liberal Resistance

The Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of “White Supremacy”

William B. Turner

The so called president is the revenge of “white supremacy.” Fitting, then that he would prove to be utterly incompetent and unqualified and turn out to be as bad a president as any thinking person could have predicted and worse.

He follows immediately the nation’s first black president, an idea no white supremacist could countenance. When Obama first took office, white supremacists resolved the cognitive dissonance of being unable to believe that a black man could be president with the overwhelming evidence that in fact one was by making up the preposterous lie that Obama was born outside the United States and therefore ineligible to serve as president. Many people perpetuated this ridiculous claim, but perhaps the most famous one to do so was none other than the Donald himself, our new, “white supremacist” president.

Obama infuriated the “white supremacists” even more by winning, easily, a second term and finishing with an estimable record of accomplishments and nary a whisper of a scandal, certainly nothing to approach that of his immediate Democratic predecessor, Bill Clinton, and generally proving in every respect to be an above average president.

So it is a highly accurate indicator of the competence and integrity of “white supremacists” that they should choose as their riposte to Obama, and their first vocal champion since George Wallace, the profoundly incompetent and completely amoral Donald Trump.