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Money Laundering In Orange?

If you haven’t seen it, check out this very interesting article on the NY Times site, The Urgent Question of Trump and Money Laundering, by David Leonhardt. In it, Mr. Leonhardt looks at an intriguing issue. We know that Trump probably got into the White House via Russian and other illicit aid. But, it isn’t quite clear if that is a crime…unfortunately, and re-writing the law on that is a task that we must take up in future.

However, money laundering is a recognized crime. No question about that. It’s illegal, pure and simple.


And there is increasing evidence that Donnie Boy and his crew did exactly that, repeatedly, over the course of the past few years. Which means that if we have a chance to remove his Orange Ass from the White House, it may be via prosecution for financial crimes.

Unfortunately, says Leonhardt, we’ll only get that if the Democrats win the House, and soon. Otherwise, he says, “If Republicans keep control, just imagine how emboldened Trump will feel. He could mount a full-on assault on the rule of law by shutting down Mueller’s investigation and any other official scrutiny of the Trump Organization.”

So, everybody, make sure that you and everyone gets to the polls in November.