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Mobs of Blacks in the Streets are Coming to Kill Whites…

Or So Trump Says…


                    By Marc Keyser,

Trump and his foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Republicans are threatening that if we don’t vote for Republicans there will be blood in the streets. Trump and his trolls are fear mongering scaring people with ominous threats of black mobs in the streets carrying pitchforks and Tiki torches coming to kill whites… and rape our wives and daughters.

This started with Trump’s claim that Mexicans streaming crossing the border are rapists…. coming to rape our wives and daughters. This Scary Trump Movie 10.

RawNews: Republicans say they’re terrified of a ‘left-wing mob’ — but what really scares them is losing.

I hear that the angry mob is on the march getting ready to take to the streets and destroy everything that (white) God-fearing Real Americans care about. Again. This latest iteration of the perennial right-wing fear-mongering began when survivors and women’s rights activists came to Washington to protest the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. These frightening revolutionaries scared the bejesus out of Republicans and they haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep ever since.

Nonsense. The real danger is Trump’s army of heavily-armed-Tiki-Torch carrying-KKK-Neo-Nazis unleashed in the streets attacking peaceful anti-trump protesters.

The only thing liberals including blacks and Hispanics are getting ready to mob is polling places.

Loyal Americans are coming out to vote for Democrats to impeach Trump for treason. The plan is to show up and turn out to vote DEMOCRAT. We’re voting against Republicans so we can take back Congress and impeach Trump… and hopefully avoid a race war in the streets and violent clashes with Trump’s armed and violent Nazis.

Trump is a dictator who weaponizes fear… as do all dictators.

“Do as I say or there will be blood in the streets.” It’s the kind of thing crackpot dictators do. Exactly the way Hitler did in Germany. Create the crisis, then justify armed force to put it down and seize power.

Trump is the one threatening violence at the polls against people who are determined to vote to send Democrats to Congress to impeach him. In fact, Trump wants violence in the streets. Trump wants a bloody race war.

(CNN) President Trump, facing scrutiny for hush money payments to a porn star and a former Playboy model, pleaded with evangelical leaders for political help during closed-door remarks, warning of dire consequences to their congregations should Republicans lose in November’s midterm elections.

“This November 6 election is very much a referendum on not only me, it’s a referendum on your religion, it’s a referendum on free speech and the First Amendment. It’s a referendum on so much,” Trump told the assemblage of pastors and other Christian leaders gathered in the State Dining Room, according to a recording from people in the room.

“It’s not a question of like or dislike, it’s a question that they will overturn everything that we’ve done and they will do it quickly and violently. And violently. There is violence. When you look at Antifa — these are violent people,” Trump said, describing what would happen should his voters fail to cast ballots. “You have tremendous power. You were saying, in this room, you have people who preach to almost 200 million people. Depending on which Sunday we’re talking about.” Trump and his violent Nazi followers are only ones threatening violence.

Antifa is a loose collection of anti-fascist groups who have staged counter-protests against Trump’s white supremacists, KKK and neo-Nazi followers. They have emerged as the bogeyman for Trump extremists. They are activists who have the courage to stand up to Trump’s armed and dangerous Nazi thugs in the streets.

Trump is blaming Antifa for the violence at a Charlottesville demonstration last year where  peaceful protesters where run over by a Trump supporter. Heather Heyer (only 32 years old) was killed and 19 others injured. The President said there were “Good people on both sides.”

Many of Trump’s Ku Klux Klan, Alt-right, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalist followers are extremely violent and dangerous. They are not “good people”.

What is shocking is Trump Evangelicals have become Trump worshipers. They don’t know the difference between Jesus Christ and devil. Trumps is everything Jesus Christ is not. The man is diabolically evil; he is a liar, he is a traitor and there is no truth in him. Trump is of his father the devil. If Trump is anything, he is the antichrist.

Donald Trump at a rally in Topeka, Kansas:

If you allow the wrong people to get into office, things could change. They could change, and they could change fast. You don’t hand matches to an arsonist and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob ― and that’s what they’ve become. The Democrats have become too extreme and too dangerous to govern.

The problem is Trump and Republicans who control Congress are the “wrong people in power”. They are the right-wing mob in control of our government too extreme and too dangerous to govern. President Trump is the arsonist with a match.

Trump is the illegitimate president who conspired with the Russians to rig the election. Trump is not only a criminally corrupt, dangerously deranged, pathological liar, he is a traitor too extreme and too dangerous to govern. We want change. We want Democrats in control of Congress and Trump impeached.

Laurence Tribe‏Verified account @tribelaw

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Trump last night called the Dems “the party of crime, too dangerous to govern, crazy.” That’s the way future dictators talk about opposition parties on the way to suspending elections or outlawing their political opponents. The crowd roared. . . .DANGEROUS.

Trump would like nothing more than to have the Resistance launch a large-scale, peaceful protest in the streets, the bigger the better, so Trump’s armed Nazis can be there to disrupt and turn violent.

Trump is feeding the divisions in our society.

Trump is polarizing the nation. He is instigating a civil war and edging his Nazi followers into bloody violence in the streets to give himself an excuse to declare a state of emergency, which empowers him and gives him the authority to make mass arrests, suspend the elections, and/or claim they are invalid because of the violence he instigated. Trump wants to silence the liberal news media, which he calls “fake news” and “the enemy of the people” because they are calling him out on his lies and propaganda. Trump is discrediting the FBI and the Mueller investigation calling it a “deep state” Democratic conspiracy against him… so he can fire Mueller and end the Trump-Russia investigation.

Trump’s strategy is to divide and conquer like every dictator before him. Trump wants the race war he is instigating to spill over into the streets and turn violent. Trump wants blood in the streets, so he can seize power. Trumps is the real “Enemy of the People”.

Since the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh can’t save them, Republicans have turned to racism to mobilize their base.

The latest polling has revealed that the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation has backfired by energizing more Democrats than Republicans, so without the Kavanaugh card to play, Republicans have returned to their old reliable, the racist bigotry.

Republicans have been using these racial codes to motivate their voters for decades. They’ve done it with black people. They’ve done it with Hispanics and immigration. It reveals the desperation of a failing party whose base has become dominated by the patriarchy of angry old white men and racists Republicans who support Trump no matter how crazy, how corrupt, how racists, how treasonous, or how ruthless this dictator becomes.

The midterm election could get very ugly. We could have blood in the streets if the Resistance takes to the streets with mass protests.

Anti-Trump protesters in the streets facing off against Trump’s White Supremacists carrying Tiki torches and armed with assault weapons threatening to turn violent might not be the most sensible approach. Violent clashes in the streets may be exactly what Trump wants. In fact, it may be a trap.

A Mass Protest in the streets is like a field planted with land mines, hopeful leaders in the Resistance will choose not to run into it.

Instead of mobbing the streets, line up at polling stations and vote DEMOCRAT in record numbers to impeach Trump.

Instead of a mass protest in the streets, make it a mass protest on the phones. Protest by phone where people are out of harm’s way and there can be no violence whatsoever. Simply, call Bank of America Merrill Lynch and mob the phones to disrupt business as usual and force Republicans in Congress to impeach Trump… or lose Bank of America. It’s their choice.

                     A Modest Proposal                      

A Phone Protest against Bank of America is peaceful, safe and non-violent way to force Congress to impeach Trump for treason.

The best plan is we don’t mob the streets and clash with Trump’s armed and dangerous Nazi thugs. Instead, we mob the phones in peace and get up into their business.

We call and put business as usual on hold at Bank of America to force Congress to impeach Trump then Mueller can indict this criminally insane dictator for his crimes.

Take it to the phones not to the streets.

Don’t give Trump and his Nazi thugs an excuse to resort to violence in the streets. Trump wants a race war. Don’t give him one.

Got a phone and a few minutes?

  • Call in solidarity until we have a large enough mob to disrupt business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch worldwide.

  • Why call and mob the phones at Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Because that’s where the money is. They are a key player in the shadow government that controls our government. They have enough representatives in Congress on their payroll to get things done. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens.

  • Take your money out of Bank of America. You don’t want to leave your money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch until the avalanche hits, and there is a run on the bank, and it’s too late.

  • Don’t march on Washington, instead demonstrate out front of the nearest branch of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Make the news, help spread the word, and turn customers away.

  • Call anonymously risk free. You don’t need to travel anywhere or take time off work and lose pay. You don’t risk being tear gassed, beaten by riot police, attacked by dogs, blasted with high power pressure water hoses, shot with rubber bullets, or arrested and carted off to jail. You don’t have to fear being attacked, run over, killed or injured by Trump’s army of armed Nazis. Just call Bank of America and pray for them… or curse them. Put the fear of God into Trump Republicans who control Congress until they see the wisdom of impeaching Trump and declaring his presidency illegitimate.

  • Organizing your own Call Squad to boycott the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Activate people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Get the message out. Use your smartphone to network and help the Phone Protest go viral on the Internet activating thousands, millions of protesters around the globe to join in calling and overrun Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Start by shutting down one Bank of America branch to make the news, go viral and ignite a Global Phone Protest in cities around the world.

  • Financial markets hate uncertainty. Trump Republicans with money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch will join the protest and turn on the bank the minute they get the bad news. They will join us on the phones flooding the bank with angry calls and complaints wanting their money out of the bank… to be safe.

In order to speak to power, we must be in a position of power.

As the news spreads, the boycott will build until stock holders panic and start a sell-off that crashes the bank’s stock causing a meltdown on Wall Street… if Bank of America and Congress choose to test our determination.

We need to take it to the phones and shut down Bank of America until our voices are heard in Congress loud and clear. We need to start winning.

Vote all Democrat and call Bank of America at the same time.

Don’t mob the streets, don’t give Trump an excuse to declare a National State of Emergency. We can mob the phones peacefully and safely calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch to jam their phones and put their business on hold until Congress meets or demands… or Congress loses Bank of America Merrill Lynch.