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Michael Flynn’s Partners Lobbied For Turkey

Is there anybody in Trump’s circle who isn’t an agent for a foreign power? It’s beginning to look like maybe not. Two business associates of Michael Flynn were just charged with working for Turkey in some pretty shady dealings.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that “Federal prosecutors unsealed an indictment Monday charging two business associates of Michael T. Flynn with acting as agents of the Turkish government, describing in remarkable detail how the three attempted to persuade the United States to expel a rival of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

According to the Post, Flynn, his partner Bijan Kian, and Turkish businessman Bijan Kian all worked together to get the United States to return Fethullah Gulen to Turkey — where he would almost certainly be killed. For this effort, Flynn’s company received $600,000.

Which isn’t bad pay, when you think about it. Why, according to Wikipedia, the average hitman …who does just about the same thing…only gets about $20-$30K max. Plus, of course, a lobbyist never has to wipe blood off his shoes.

Clearly, Mr. Flynn & Co. picked the better career path.