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Michael Cohen Signals He Will Flip

Michael Cohen has more or less openly said he will cooperate with Robert Mueller’s investigation. In an interview on ABC news, he recently said that he is “nobody’s punching bag” and that his loyalty is to his family, not the president. Analysts are saying that this clinches it. Cohen has flipped, or is in the process of doing so.

This is the end of a long process for Cohen. He began as a Trump loyalist, saying that he would never betray his beloved leader. But, over the last few months, and under increasing pressure from Mueller (and possibly others), he has gradually changed his mind. He has been hinting that he would go over to the other team. Now, it seems that his hints are too big even for Trump himself, which is saying something.

The question, of course, is whether he has information that would be of real use in getting the Orange One out of the White House. And, alas, with a corrupt and criminal GOP congress, it isn’t clear that even cast iron evidence of Trump’s treason would serve to get him impeached.