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Michael Cohen Docs Fair Game

In the continuing stream of amazing news about Michael Cohen, Der Drumpf’s former lawyer and fixer, we have this tidbit. Some 14,000 of his documents have just been ruled fair game. The prosecutors can use every one of them. And, here’s the kicker, Cohen isn’t appealing that decision.

As Business Intelligence reports, “The special master overseeing the document review in the federal criminal investigation into President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen ruled on Thursday that more than 1,400 documents seized by the government and labeled as privileged by Cohen, Trump, or the Trump Organization are not.” That is a hell of a lot of documents, but Cohen isn’t going to fight the decision.

Why not? The general betting is that he’s reached some kind of deal…or hopes to reach one…with the FBI on his testimony. In which case, he’ll be protected, no matter what comes out of that treasure trove of incriminating material.

So, nobody hold your breath waiting for impeachment, but the next few episodes in this shit show may be quite troublesome for the Orange One.