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#MeToo Rage

by Marc Keyser, TheResistance.Blog

I listened to Christine Blasey Ford give her testimony in the Senate Confirmation hearing for Judge Bret Kavanaugh, and I was moved.

She told how Bret Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party back in the 1980s. He pinned her down on a bed, held his hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming, and would have raped her if his drinking buddy, Mark Judge, hadn’t jumped on them giving her a chance to escape.

After all the people who have come forward and after all the protesting at the Capitol, the Senate just ignored the allegations and voted to confirm Kavanaugh to the court anyway, and I’m angry.

These arrogant Trump Republicans, these old white men in power… who do they think they are?

The level of rage, which had already been explosive after the election of the sex-scandal President, reached nuclear levels in wake of yet another reminder that, in the eyes of Republicans, women have no value outside of objects to be used and discarded. Trump Republicans are in power, they don’t care how degenerate Trump much less Kavanaugh are, they don’t care about the truth, or facts or the suffering Trump’s policies cause or the damaging he’s doing to the nation.

Trump is dictator like Putin. He is dividing the nation by fueling a race war and now the gender war. His strategy is to divide and conquer. We are a nation polarized and as divide as we were before the Civil War under the political control of Trump and his male dominated, white racist power structure.

This is personal.

A reporter asked an odd question, “Trump says words, but what do they mean?” First Trump said that Ford’s testimony was credible then he viciously attacked her, calling her story of how Kavanaugh and his friend tried to rape her a “Democratic plot”.

He mocked her for memory lapses- memories which she apparently has repressed. Discrediting the pain and suffering she has gone through, Trump dog whistled to his Nazi followers and Russian Trolls to attack this woman for daring to speak out publicly, then hypocritically asks “Why did she wait so long?”

At the swearing in of Judge Kavanaugh- an accused sexual predator and under-oath liar- in the East Room of the White House. President Trump, Mr. “if your famous you can grab women by the pussy, they let you do it,” falsely claimed Kavanaugh was “proven innocent.” This is just days after the sham FBI investigation that failed to interview dozens of witnesses that likely could have validated the multiple allegations against Kavanaugh and gotten to the truth.

Trump made it personal when he unleashed his attack dogs on Christine.

Trump’s deplorables and Putin’s Russian trolls on the internet are attacking Christine Blasey Ford with anonymous death threats. She and her family are fugitives afraid to live in their own home. Christine is the victim; the nation owes her the apology, and we owe it ourselves to impeach Trump and rid the nation of this malignant scourge.

                      Transformative Anger  

The Phone Protest against Bank of America to force Congress to impeach Trump for treason and get rid of his Nazi thugs and Russian Trolls.

We use our smartphones to vent our rage. We call and shut down Bank of America to force Congress to impeach Trump so this criminally insane dictator can be prosecuted and confined to a mental institution.

Take it to the phones not just to the streets.

The public phones are the battlefield where the fighting forces of the Resistance have the tactical advantage. On our smartphones, we are a mighty army of anonymous callers. With non-violent non-cooperation on the phones, we shall invade and overrun Bank of America Merrill Lynch and disrupt business until Congress meets our demands. We shall overcome.

Multi-task and phone protest at the same time

Work, shop, clean, cook, got to the bathroom, take the kids to soccer practice, and call Bank of America at the same time. Get the kids to call. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and go viral.

Call Bank of America safely- even children can call without being attacked, injured and/or killed by Trump’s armed and dangerous Nazi followers in the streets.

Protesting by phone is non-violent, passive/aggressive and so incredibly convenient.

This is personal. Donate phone calls. Put some heat on their phones. Do your part, and help shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch in cities around the globe. Block their lines of communication with mass calling, and let Bank of America and Congress do as much redemptive suffering as it takes for them to see the wisdom in meeting our demands.

The secret to success is to weaponize our smartphones

You use your smartphone for texting, shopping, and online banking, so why not use your smartphone for power protesting?

On our phones, we have the advantage of People Power.

We have the overwhelming numbers of people around the world who can join in calling and bury Bank of America Merrill Lynch alive in calls.

All we have to do is call one Bank of America location in one city and non-violently non-cooperate and make the news. Social network, go viral and activate thousands, millions of callers to flood the phones and wreak havoc on Bank of America’s international business empire.

Without firing a shot, we can overload their phones and brown out their lines of communication. We can boycott Bank of America by phone, interrupt their business, and cost them a bloody fortune until Congress impeaches Trump or Congress loses Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Got a phone and a few minutes?

  • Call in solidarity until we have the numbers to disrupt business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch internationally.

  • Why call Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Because that’s where the money is. They are a key player in the shadow government that controls our government. They have enough representatives in Congress on their payroll to get things done. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens.

  • Take your money out of Bank of America. You don’t want to be calling and leave your money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch until the avalanche hits, and there is a run on the bank, and it’s too late.

  • Don’t march on Washington, demonstrate out front of the nearest branch of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Make the news, help spread the word, and turn customers away.

  • Call anonymously risk free. You don’t need to travel anywhere or take time off work and lose pay. You don’t risk being tear gassed, beaten by riot police, attacked by dogs, blasted with high power pressure water hoses, shot with rubber bullets, or arrested and carted off to jail. You don’t have to fear being attacked, run over, killed or injured by Trump’s army of armed Nazis. Just call Bank of America and pray for them… or curse them. Put the fear of God into Trump Republicans who control Congress until they see the wisdom of impeaching Trump and declaring his presidency illegitimate.

  • Organizing your own Call Squad to boycott the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Activate people Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Get the message out. Use your smartphone to network and help the Phone Protest go viral on the Internet activating thousands, millions of protesters around the globe to join in calling and overrun Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Shut down one Bank of America branch to make the news, go viral and ignite a Global Phone Protest in cities around the world.

  • Financial markets hate uncertainty. Trump Republicans with money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch will join the protest and turn on the bank the minute they get the bad news. They will join us on the phones flooding the bank with angry calls and complaints wanting their money out of the bank… to be safe.

  • In order to speak to power, we must be in a position of power. As the news spreads, the boycott will build until stock holders panic and start a sell-off that crashes the bank’s stock causing a meltdown on Wall Street… if Bank of America and Congress want to test our determination. We need to take it to the phones and shut down Bank of America until our voices are heard in Congress loud and clear. We need to start winning.

McConnell calls peaceful protesters a mob

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) accused women who protested against Kavanaugh of using “mob-like tactics.”  Because they peacefully protested at the nation’s capital.

When we call Bank of America, it’s important to be polite on the phone so as not to be mob-like; however, for some hack politician to attack protesters calling Bank of America a mob… now that could really incite a mob of millions of outraged callers.

We need a few good community organizers in a few cities to start the Phone Protest against Bank of America at a few local bank branches to make it go viral and bring protesters around the world to the phones to pressure Republicans who control Congress to impeach Trump for treason and declare his presidency illegitimate and everything he has done as President null and void. Every appointment he has made starting with Kavanaugh, every executive order he has issued, and every bill he has signed is invalid.

But we also demand justice for Christine Blasey Ford and all the people Trump’s Nazi goons and Russian bots are attacking. Human rights will be respected and women seeking equality will be heard, or we will call until we bankrupt Bank.

Vote all Democrat and call Bank of America at the same time.

The MeToo Movement put a million people in streets to march on Washington. We need to activate a few million people on the phones calling Bank of America Merrill Lynch to put business on hold until Congress meets or demands… or Congress loses Bank of America Merrill Lynch. This is personal.