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Memo To Fired RedState Writers: Join Us!

So, we learned from The Daily Beast this week that RedState, a formerly conservative but now increasingly merely Right-wing website, has “purged” a number of its writers…including some of its most popular and well-read writers…for the crime of being insufficiently pro-Trump.

According to Andrew Kirell and Lachlan Markay, the purge was both sudden and brutal. The RedState management didn’t even have the guts to tell the fired writers that they were going: “Fired staffers learned about their dismissal either through their email accounts being locked or via a memo from Townhall [RedState’s parent company] general manager and vice president Jonathan Garthwaite.”

Naturally, the RedState bosses claimed that there were economic reasons for the firings, but the betting in almost every quarter is that Trump-o-mania was the real reason. Almost all the terminated employees were writers who’d taken anti-Trump positions in the past. Kirell and Markay quote a “… fired staffer” who said that “the layoffs ‘definitely’ had political motivations. ‘They canned someone who brought in 700k to 800k page views per month,” the writer told The Daily Beast. “Lately that would be around 10 percent of monthly traffic.’”

All of this is pretty amazing, and has serious consequences for Conservatives everywhere. At one time, of course, conservatism was a healthy and well-defined movement. It stood for limited government, free markets, and, in varying degrees, respect for tradition.

Now, though, it is clear conservatism is drastically shrinking. It has abandoned most of its finest thinkers, and many key points of its ideology, to become simply the home of unthinking nationalism, racialism, isolationism, and Donald Trump.

So, to all those former RedState writers out there, come join us! We’ll take you, even if the Trumpian Right won’t. We can’t pay you, yet, but here’s your chance to organize Conservative Resistance to Trump!

And maybe, in time, make a your former bosses sweat a little.

Now there’s an image to enjoy, don’t you think?