Melania's Christmas Video - Liberal Resistance

Melania’s Christmas Video

By Chris Madsen

How many things does Melania actually have control over now?  How closely is she being watched?  How often does she actually participate in anything?

I find it interesting to see her clinching red gloves in the one scene.  There’s a children’s horror story they tell in Russia about how red gloves are a bad omen– something not to be purchased –and how death and destruction then come at midnight.

I like the “Be Best” decorations in white, blue, and red.  Obviously not to be confused with American red, white, and blue.  It’s almost like she’s saying we are running out of time but Christmas would be the best of times to someone in Russia.  I especially like the white, blue, and red pencils all pointing inward like tiny little Russian missiles.

Oh the crimson Christmas trees are just lovely.  Didn’t Chernobyl have a beautiful red forest after the nuclear fallout?  And the gold eagle on top of the Christmas tree is a real lovely Nazi touch as well.

I can’t see why anyone would criticize Melania for such a lovely and macabre theme.  She obviously spent a lot of time and thought putting it all together.  Christmas night was also a great time for George Washington to cross the Delaware by surprise.