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Melania’s Apathy Towards Immigrants


By Chris Madsen

There’s a reason I have been very critical of Melania Trump.  It’s not just because of her connection to Donald Trump.

To put it simply she doesn’t have American values.  Traditionally, the position of first lady has been used to help display and model American cultural values and norms.  Her stance or lack of stance on immigrants (even when violence and cruelty is used on asylum seekers) shows the level of Russian apathy she has.  Especially with her being an immigrant herself an appropriate American stance would be these are all mostly good people seeking a better life or refuge from violence or poverty.  A normal first lady with any compassion would try and unify by mentioning almost everyone in this country is only a few generations away from being immigrants themselves.


She says nothing…  She chooses to say nothing…  Even as her husband talks about the evils of chain migration she brings in her parents in through chain migration.  She still says nothing and doesn’t care.  She really doesn’t care.  She even wore a jacket that said, “I REALLY DONT CARE DO U?”    How much more clear does she have to be?

Let me tell you folks she’s as cold as a lamp post in Moscow on the coldest, darkest, and windiest night of winter.  That’s pure apathetic Russian antifreeze running through her veins.

Honestly, should we expect more from the daughter of a communists?  Probably not…  She’s shown time and time again that she doesn’t conform to American values.  Like her delayed move to the White House.  Like what was really that important going on in her life.  In my head, I imagine her laying on a French Chaise Lounge binge watching a Russian mini series and answering a red corded rotary-dialed phone from the 1960’s every time the Kremlin needs her.  I’m sure some people will say it was for her son.  But her autistic child was going to struggle with any change at all whether it  was sooner or later.

She doesn’t care.  She’s in an privileged position and knows she’s a wealthy, white European and no one is planning on tear gassing her or her family anytime soon.  She knows she’s not brown-skinned and poor.  Have you ever seen a Russian with ice blue eyes give that look of “I don’t care it’s not my problem…”  That seems to be a lot like the expression she has permanently on her face.