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Melania Trump Confesses to being the “Babushka Lady”

In a rare candid interview earlier this week Melania Trump admitted to being the “Babushka Lady” present at J.F.K.’s assassination while waiting at a Mar-a-Lago spa in between a facial and pedicure.

When asked if she’s too young to be the Babushka Lady she said, “No, not at all.  Not even Donnie know my real age or how many time I have the plastic surgery.”

When pressed, on how many times she’s had plastic surgery, she insisted, “More times than Cher!  Donnie can still bounce a Forbes Magazine off this butt like me 25.”


Melania explained, “Khrushchev gave me new camera, tell me he pay me 1,000 rubles for good photo of American President.  He say special camera very loud so use these earplugs, wear a babushka, and only take one good photo of President Kennedy in Dallas. It was special camera could only take one photo, one time.  I give him back special camera, he paid me rubles and he tell me never wear babushka again, especially in the United States.  So now no wear babushka.”

Melania Trump continued on, “Americans are so funny think Mother Russia only started interfering in American life and politics for my fake husband”.  When asked how can he be a “fake husband” Melania explained, “I crossed my toes and already have better looking husband in Slovenia.”

Chris Madsen