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Melania the Mole at G20

In Argentina, Vladimir Putin,  Donald Trump, and Melania Trump sat down at a table to talk without any other Americans or American government officials present.  Reportedly they were also the last to leave.  This is abnormal behavior considering Russia is a hostile nation.  One can only assume Melania was the translator and mentally took down the instructions/orders from Putin.  Putin does speak some English, but more instructions and orders could be passed faster in Russian.  Melania also speaks Russian better than English.

Considering the numerous reports that this country is being run by the last person Donald Trump speaks to, then it is becoming quite obvious that this country is being run by Putin via Melania Trump.
There's a reason I referred to Melania previously as "Mole of the Century".  I've seen video before of her sitting down next to and talking to Putin in private.  She was probably receiving more orders at that time as well.  
Donald Trump appears to have the memory of someone with endgame dementia, but I have no doubt that Melania can remember the orders she was given by Putin.  
Previous questions have been raised about who translated Russian to English at some Trump Tower meetings?  Melania Trump and Donald Trump both would have been only a quick elevator ride away. I'm sure either can call for a private or non-stop elevator and not be seen by anyone.  I can't help but think if Melania is the go to translator at G20 then why wouldn't she be the same at Trump Tower?