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Meet Pete Dinelli

Pete Dinelli is a political commentator based in New Mexico. We are taking a moment to introduce him, and to suggest you check out his blog site because he’s damn good. But please hurry back here to LR Net. We’d miss you if you didn’t.

As you know, LR Net is based in Albuquerque, NM. That means we like to boost our native city—and our neighbors— now and then. Today, we’re going to try to do that by introducing you to Pete Dinelli, a blogger, commentator, and activist located in our fair burg. He writes about local politics, state politics, and national politics with great flare and insight. When you have a moment, check out his site at

He’s done some excellent pieces over the years, though among our favorites are:

TRUMP: “To The Charges of Obstruction Of Justice And Treason, I Plead Fake News!”—in which Mr. Dinelli looks at just how incredibly guilty Trump seems to be. We love his conclusion, “President Trump is entitled to due process of law for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, which will be impeachment charges by the US House of Representatives and then the US Senate will conduct a trial and vote to convict him and remove him from office, unless of course he resigns like Richard Nixon….The TV ratings will indeed be HUUUUUGGGGE!”

Congressman Steve Pearce Breaks Back Bending Over To Defend Racist Trump — New Mexico is, of course, one of the most diverse states in the Union. Here, White Anglo Saxons have always been a bit on the minority side. The problem is that we have one very conservative Congressman, Steve Pearce. As Mr. Dinelli notes, Trump has been a particular problem for Pearce. Each time 45 says something stupid and degrading about Hispanics, Pearce has to think of some insane way of defending his idiotic and racist President.

This requires a bit of invention on Pearce’s part, says Mr. Dinelli. Not to say outright fiction

“ABSENCE OF MALICE” — In this piece, Mr. Dinelli looks at “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press,” and where both can go horribly wrong. He looks at the case of a local New Mexico paper which parroted the hardcore anti-Immigrant, anti-Democratic Party rhetoric of the GOP, and concludes that the paper came very close to inciting violence.

So, definitely take a glance at Mr. Dinelli’s site. And stay tuned. You’re going to see him referenced as a writer and a source here in LR Net for some time to come.