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Bandy Lee: Yep. He’s Crazy

Every once in a while, you find yourself wondering, “Could it be that Der Drumpf is really just faking it? That he’s really crazy like a fox?”

Alas, the answer seems to be no. He’s just plain crazy. For evidence of that, give a listen to Chauncey DeVega’s most recent podcast. DeVega is an essayist, social critic, progressive, and, by our measure anyway, a welcome acerbic wit. He is also a regular contributor to Salon and Alternet, and his “The Chauncey DeVega Show,” is well worth a listen by anyone with a progressive bent.

But, recently, he interviewed Psychiatrist Bandy Lee. She is a professor at the Yale School of Medicine and one of the editors of the New York Times bestseller The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.

The conversation is alarming to say the least. Her take on Trump is that he genuinely suffers from mental illness, and, most terrifying of all, he is getting worse as time goes on.

Check out the podcast below. But only if you don’t need to sleep for a few hours yet. It doesn’t exactly lend itself to sweet dreams.