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Medical Examiners Need To Be Examined

By @BossBird17

Disability medical examiners suck, but I never thought they’d suck this much.

In a heartbreaking article in the Daily Record, “Disabled gran made desperate suicide attempt over fears brutal DWP cuts would make her homeless”, Sally Hind describes the barbaric treatment of a disabled sixty-year-old in Scotland by an ethically challenged medical examiner.

Anyone in the U.S., who has undergone an SSD (Social Security Disability) medical evaluation, knows that these assessments are a money-making scheme for unscrupulous doctors.

Now that Trump is calling SSD “welfare” and cutting it in his budget, I sadly suspect that we will see a rise in suicides due to hopelessness among the disabled due to draconian cuts and possible further unscrupulous tactics to purge people from the system.

Thus, I would like to extend an F* you to Donald Trump, Ayn Rand loving Paul Ryan, and their Republican comrades.