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Measles And Parents, A Warning

There is a fascinating and disturbing article over on the Washington Post site. In My parents didn’t tell me they skipped my vaccines. Then I got sick. Josh Nerius recounts how his counter-culture, anti-Vaxxer parents didn’t have him vaccinated as a child, and didn’t bother to let him know that he was unprotected.

And then, of course, the inevitable happened and he caught the measles. The disease did him serious damage, and he sadly acknowledges that he may never be quite the same again.

Mr. Nerius’ story brings into stark focus the selfishness and stupidity of parents who do not vaccinate their children. More, it reveals the lasting damage that anti-Vax ideologies do to families. Mr. Nerius may never quite be able to forgive his parents.

Which also brings up an interesting question. If a child is not vaccinated, and later catches a serious disease that could have been prevented by a vaccine, can that child sue his or her parents for damages?