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McCain Insults 45 One More Delicious Time

Give it to John McCain, he knew how to stick a pin into a narcissistic bully…specifically, into der Drumpf. Even at his last, the good Senator gave 45 a burn of the finest kind. Among many other things, he selected a Russian dissident as one of his pallbearers — specifically, Vladimir Kara-Murza, a brave Putin foe who has been poisoned at least twice for his efforts.

McCain and Kara-Murza have been longtime allies. The Senator supported the young Russian in his constant battles with Putin. But why, now, did McCain ask him to be a pallbearer? Politico answers that question in a recent article. McCain has often criticized Trump for being way too close to fellow (albeit much smarter) narcissist Vladimir Putin. In this way…particularly since his other pallbearers include another longtime friend, Joe Biden … McCain could effectively if silently tell the Orange One where to stick it, even while he was literally on his way to the grave.

You have got to give him credit.

Maybe not since Shakespeare have we had a man who could so efficiently hurl an insult, and do so with such vicious and lovely intent.

Bravo, Sir. You will be missed.