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Maybe It’s Working After All

There is a comforting and interesting piece over on the Guardian this week, How heartening to see a still robust US constitution as the net closes on Trump by
Michael Goldfarb. In it, he argues that we are not as near dictatorship as we might think, nor has the exquisite system of checks and balances invented by the Founders, actually broken down. Rather, the Constitution is working just fine, it just takes a while to get things done.

And right now, he says, Trump is starting to discover that the mills of the Founders grind slow, but exceedingly fine. ““You can’t fast-forward reality,” he warns us, “and Mueller may well end up getting fired before he uncovers all the facts. Nixon fired Archibald Cox, the special counsel investigating Watergate, in what became known as the Saturday Night Massacre. But, in the end, Nixon still had to resign and it seems clear, after last week, that the game is also up for Trump, not right away but in a future that is coming into focus more clearly.”

Goldfarp further notes that Trump’s going will not heal America overnight. “He is the end product of 40 years of social and civic disintegration,” and it is going to take decades to deal with those underlying problems. But, still, let us hope that Goldfarp is right and Trump will be gone in the…at least …middle term. It will be easier to heal America’s wounds without him than with.