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Maya Lavelle And Zombie Town

Okay, gang. This is going to freak you out, but even us creeping old fossils here in the Albuquerque offices of LR Net (as opposed to the young folk located elsewhere) are into electronic music. (No. Really. We are. We missed EDM. But, we were in our teens when Wendy Carlos did her Moog thing. So we got some background.)

And, anyway, we recently stumbled across a big name artist whose hauntingly lyrical voice and passion for Electronic music has combined with her interest in politics to produce a fascinating, disturbing, and intriguing music performance/music video that takes dead aim at the Drumpf.

Zombie Town

The artist in question? The Dutch singer, video producer, and composer, Maya Lavelle. You’ve probably heard of her, or, if you haven’t heard of her, you’ve probably heard her material. Her debut single, This Ain’t The End, was part of the movie The Rift. It has also been played as part of various TV programs.

Her material is cutting edge, and her most recent work, Zombie Town, is more edgy than most. The music, and the animated video that goes with it, present us with a terrifying and dystopian world in which life is more or less extinct—the dreadful consequence of human indifference to the environment.

Zombie Town Drumpf’s Spirit

Zombie Town is also, of course, a very thinly veiled reference to our current Administration and its seeming hatred of environmental protections and renewalable energy. In a recent note to LR Net, Lavelle notes that the piece depicts our wounded ecosystem after “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name (i.e. Donald Trump) has destroyed Earth [as] a consequence of pulling out from the Paris climate agreement this year…”

And a terrifying new world it is, too—piles of trash dominate a nightmare landscape where animate TV-headed scarecrows (the zombies of the title?) hunt the few living things remaining. Drumpf’s spirit, if not his actual image, haunts the world, and seems to fill the place with a kind of existential menace.

Zombie Town Video

The music itself, meanwhile, is powerful and mournful, with Lavelle’s voice providing a truly devastating counterpart to the images. We see and hear just what we stand to lose if people like Edward Scott Pruitt, Trump’s current head of the EPA, and other climate change denialists are allowed to have their way.

So, if you get a chance, decidedly give the video a look and the music a listen. It won’t exactly cheer you up (a nice little happy tune this isn’t) but it may give you the motivation to fight even harder than ever.

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