"MAUBLA" for the Brainwashed Right - Liberal Resistance

“MAUBLA” for the Brainwashed Right

I live in a very left leaning place, Hawaii, so it is interesting to see the cultural contrast when transplants are here supporting the far right.

Maybe there’s an underground tunnel from Kentucky to here. And quite possibly these are the only people that know which rocks to crawl out from under. I say this in the least judgment way possible, but some of them really do look exactly like they crawled out from under a rock in the jungle. Imagine long unkempt hair, skin looks like they’ve been chain-smoking for 40 years, no or little teeth. Essentially, the full disaster package, you know the type of person I’m talking about. They sprout up in various parts of the USA. I will guarantee you many of them live entirely on Social Security, food stamps, and Medicare/Medicaid. And yes the irony truly does escape them that they would probably be dead without these social programs. Yet they hate any form of social programs, or socialism (like the exact programs that actually keep them alive). I’m not here to shame anyone for needing services. I think that’s something that anyone could end up needing at some point in their life. Yet somehow they think they are possibly going to be uber rich next week from some imaginary windfall and need to protect it. That’s just plain delusional, magical thinking on their part.

For example they want no restraints put on wealthy land owners converting large sections of farm land into far more expensive residential, commercial, and industrial land. It is almost as if somehow they actually think someone is going to come after the rock they live under next. Truth is no one wants that rock and they don’t have a prime location where they can do illegal things like block off access to the ocean.

So here’s a thought some of those people should probably spend less time trying to defend the rights of the wealthy in this country and spend more time trying to get a social program started that would give them better/affordable access to dental care. They could actually have teeth again and could maybe do things like talk and chew again that would probably be far more useful to them in this lifetime than acting brainwashed and fighting for things that are against their own best interests.

So, I have a hard time believing The United States is going to miraculously become a world leader again when we have so many people uneducated, under educated, ignorant, living in poverty, and willing to fight against their own best interests. Some of those people are probably lost causes but maybe we can somehow improve the education system to “Make America Understand Basic Logic Again”. That’s an American vision I would proudly stand behind. You know an America where people could actually learn to critically think again rather than mindlessly spout off what they heard somewhere.