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Martial Law: We Told You So

We really, really, really hate to say this, but we told you so. This week, in the New York Times, Roger Cohen offers a chilling article entitled, Trump’s Road To American Martial Law. In it, he argues that Congress has failed its duty shamefully, that the GOP has become a fascist cult, and that, in the end, “Soon, there may be indictments from Robert Mueller, the special counsel, of high officials or members of Trump’s family. What then? …Trump fires Mueller, pardons himself and everyone else, sends his followers into the street, and, after the inevitable bloodshed, declares martial law.”

Scary, but here’s where we come into the picture. Way, way, waaaay back…in February of 2017…we said exactly the same thing. We foretold what was going to happen. In Could Donald Trump Declare Martial Law? by J.D. Munch, we said that Trump could indeed declare martial law, would probably do so if he could get away with it, and that we ought to prepare for it. Munch’s powerful conclusion is that, “Progress, in the form of human rights in this country, seldom follows the law. Movements take hold when people come together, both those suffering and others who give a damn about that suffering. We resist Trump not because he is a Republican (something itself up for debate), and not out of spite for a non-preferred candidate taking the Oval Office. We resist him because he stands for hate and oppression, because he has taken a public interest position to consolidate and expand his own power, to push his own interests. Martial law would serve as the ultimate expression of this, as a push to suspend legally the constitutional rights we take for granted for ourselves and for the country at large. This we cannot abide; the resistance matters.”

So, we told you so. We’re not happy about it. But we did.

And let’s all keep J.D. Munch’s words in mind as we face this new and dangerous era. In an age when Trump—out of arrogance, desperation, or foolishness—may all too soon attempt something like a coup, we must hold fast to the idea that, indeed, the Resistance Matters.


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