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Making Our Voices Heard

by Marc Keyser,

Trump’s nomination of Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the sham hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee was a done deal… until two women, Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila stopped Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) in the elevator. They held the doors open, and Maria ask the Senator to look her in the eye, as she told him how she had been raped.

In an interview with The Daily Beast , Gallagher explained, “He wouldn’t meet my eye. It made me very angry. He kept saying thank you and I’m sorry and wasn’t taking into account what his actions would be doing to millions of people and what this means for everyone.”

She admitted that she had never told anyone about her sexual assault before—even her mom found out about it by seeing it on cable TV that day.

During their exchange, Gallagher asked the Senator, “You’re telling me that my assault doesn’t matter, that what happened to me doesn’t matter, and that you’re going to let people who do these things into power. That’s what you’re telling me when you vote for him.”

These two women held the doors of that elevator open and made their voices heard.

These two young women did what seemed impossible, they stopped the Republicans in the United States Senate from ramming through Trump’s appointee to the Supreme Court and forced the President to do what he was not going to do, which is call for an FBI investigation of the allegations of sexual misconduct against judge Kavanaugh.

Senator Flake voted with Republicans for the nomination to proceed, but he also called for an FBI investigation into the charges against Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

Senator Flake cautioned the committee, “The country is being ripped apart here, and we have to make sure we do due diligence.”

Thanks to these two women, Senator Flake tripped the emergency brake on the Republican nomination.

Due diligence

Trump wants to stack the Supreme Court with another Trump Republican, a conservative elite, a political hack, an accused sex offender who would give Trump and the Republicans control of Supreme Court along with the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.

We need to unleash our public outrage at these corrupt politicians holding this sham hearing. We need to hold the doors open and force Congress to listen.

Ana María Archila told Lawrence O’Donnell, that they were “…up in arms and taking action, and taking risk and doing things that are scary that force him and the rest of the country to not only reckon with the reality of sexual violence and reckon with the brokenness of our Democracy, but actually responding to the will of the people…

The fix is in.

Trump has called for an FBI investigation, but he controls the investigation. Trump lies like the Devil.

Will Trump make the “investigation” a sham like the confirmation hearings? Will the FBI be allowed to investigate the allegations from all the women who are accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct? Or will the FBI just make some calls, leave some messages, and pencil in some notes? Will the FBI investigate whether or not Kavanaugh lied under oath and committed perjury?

             Taking Action

Silence is consent.

We all need to join Maria Gallagher and Ana Maria Archila and speak out.

We’re fed up with lies, and outraged at these corrupt, arrogant Trump Republicans. We are Resistance Fighters. We are sharp end of the Resistance. We intend to force Congress to listen to the will of the People.

The plan is to protest by phone to pressure Congress into rejecting Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court and impeach Trump.

The phones are the battlefield where We the People have the advantage. We are the majority, and we have phones, and we are free to call and shut down Bank of America by phone peaceably… without any violence.

We chose to protest by phone where we have the numbers and we don’t have to confront Trump’s armed and dangerous Nazi followers in the streets.

Don’t just hold the doors open and stop the elevator, jam the phones put business at Bank of America on hold.

We weaponize our smartphones and use them as a powerful means of protest. With peaceful, non-violent, non-cooperation on the phones and without firing a shot, we can call en masse, boycott Bank of America, disrupt business, and cost them a bloody fortune until Congress rejects the Kavanaugh appointment and impeaches Trump or Congress watches Bank of America’s stock plunge down the elevator shaft.

Got a phone and a few minutes?

  • Call Bank of America Merrill Lynch, help block their phones until the protest grows and spreads, and we have the numbers to impact their business globally.

  • Call Bank of America because that’s where the money is, and because they are a key player in the shadow government that controls our government. They have enough representatives in Congress on their payroll to get things done. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens.

  • Take your money out of Bank of America. You don’t want to be calling to start a run on the bank and leave your money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch until it’s too late.

  • Demonstrate out front of the nearest branch, and take your money out of Bank of America to be safe.

  • Call anonymously. You don’t need to travel anywhere or take time off work and lose pay. You don’t risk being tear gassed, beaten by riot police, attacked by dogs, blasted with high power pressure water hoses, shot with rubber bullets, attacked, run over, killed or injured by Trump’s Nazis, or arrested and carted off to jail. Just call Bank of America and pray for them… or curse them. Put the fear of God into Trump Republicans who control Congress until they see the wisdom of dumping Kavanaugh and impeaching Trump.

  • Organizing your own Call Squad to boycott the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Activate people on social media. Get the word out. Use your smartphone to network and help the Phone Protest go viral on the Internet bringing thousands, millions of protesters around the globe to the phones.

  • Shut down one Bank of America to make the news, go viral and ignite a Global Phone Protest in cities around the world. Disrupt Bank of America’s vast financial empire and cost them a bloody fortune.

  • Financial markets hate uncertainty. Trump Republicans with money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch will turn on the bank the minute they get the bad news. They will join us on the phones flooding the bank with angry calls and complaints wanting their money out of the bank to be safe.

  • If the Republicans in Congress do not stop the Kavanaugh appointment and impeach Trump, we will take to the phones. The boycott will build until stock holders panic and start a sell-off that crashes the bank’s stock causing a meltdown on Wall Street. Trump is like a malignant tumor that cannot be removed by half-measures.


We need a few solid community organizers in Fresno with smartphones to start the Phone Protest against Bank of America and force Republicans who control Congress to reject the Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court and impeach Trump for treason as long as we have them on the phone… so to speak.