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MAGA Kids: Where Were The Adults?

The recent incident in which a group of MAGA-hat wearing kids from Covington Catholic High School harassed and insulted Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and Vietnam Vet, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is distressing on so many levels. One of those is the question: “Where were the adults?”

The boys had been bused from Covington Catholic High School to take part in an anti-Choice rally in Washington. But they seem to have been on the streets without any sort of adult supervision. Where were the teachers? Where the chaperons?

Also, where were the police? the Lincoln Memorial isn’t exactly out of the way. Surely police or other security would have been watching the area. Why didn’t they intervene? Why didn’t display a badge and tell the boys to move along?

And, finally, what about other people visiting the Memorial? Why doesn’t anyone, or a group of them, confront the boys? Or at least use a cellphone to call the police?

There is no answer to these questions. Indeed, about the only adult who seems to be associated with the boys is an adult woman who can be seen in a video recently posted by The Independent. The woman appears to be dancing and singing with the boys and one girl while they mock the Native America elder. If you go the newspaper’s page and watch the video at the top of the article and you will see her around 1.04. Is she with the boys? Is she a passer-by? We may never know.

However, the larger and more serious question is how did these guys get out into the streets of D.C. without a shred of oversight?