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MAGA-kids: Not Just A One Off

The recent incident in which a band of MAGA-hat wearing teenagers confronted and insulted a Native American elder, Nathan Phillips, has outraged the nation. But, it turns out that it wasn’t the only case of racial harassment that the teenagers engaged in that day. New video has emerged showing an earlier incident on the Lincoln Memorial steps in which the boys confront a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites and become abusive in that case as well.

The video is included below in an embedded player. It begins at the beginning of the confrontation.

In other words, the incident with Phillips was not a one off that might be explained as a momentary glitch with a crowd of otherwise decent boys. Rather, it was part of a larger pattern of racial confrontations which seems to begun much earlier in the day.

Which brings up the question, if we know about what happened with Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites, what else happened that day? What did we not see?