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MAGA Kids No Gentlemen

So the affair of the MAGA Catholic School kids vs. the Native American elder has become a sort of modern morality play. Right now, the leader of the boys, Nick Sandmann, and many of those on the Right are claiming that the videos of the confrontation are misleading, and that the boys were as much sinned against as sinning.

However, additional videos keep turning up, such as this piece which was recently posted to Twitter. In it, a group of young women walks by the boys in the park, and the MAGA kids proceed to harass the girls as they go by. According to the poster, @roflinds, this occurred a short time before the boys encountered the Native American elder, Nathan Phillips.

If this video is true, then it seems that long before they met Mr. Phillips, or the Black Hebrew Israelites, the boys were looking for trouble. They were, in short, no gentlemen.