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My Love Hate Relationship with the New President

I never really followed politics.  I have issues I know, some that affect me directly and I vote and sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but overall. I never really cared too much.  Not enough to write a sign and go to a march, not even enough to write a letter.  But this last year, it has been different.

Trump, in many ways as a person crossed a lot of lines for me, and yet, I heard him loud and clear. Change was coming.  It was kind of refreshing, because, politicians are all liars.  The whole lot of them and I’ve had it.  Clinton was just more of the same and really, when would a guy like him ever come around again.  A part of me, kind of likes watching these corrupt politicians squirm.  Its satisfying to watch.

I’ll be honest though, I didn’t vote for him.  Not because I’m for Hillary, I didn’t vote for her either.  In fact, I didn’t vote.  How screwed up is the political system when you can’t morally bring yourself to vote for anyone?  I’m not a Democrat nor am I a Republican.  I honestly could go either way on some issues and I have views on both sides on others.  In a free country, I should be able to believe what I want to believe.  I think, a lot of people think like me.

Sure I’m part of the problem, but here is the thing, I don’t really understand how government works.  Its complicated, its hard and really what does it matter?  I get it, I should know more and understand more but I don’t trust any politician.  They will say anything to get my vote, they will say anything to get my hard-earned money.  The swamp is full of lobbyists, big corporations and they will say anything, literally anything.

So, I said I would give Trump a chance. Let him do what he said he’d do, why not?   He won the election. He said he would drain the swamp and maybe just maybe get this country back on track.

But this is not what I have seen!

Number One – We haven’t seen his taxes.

I don’t care if he paid taxes or not.  He’s a businessman, of course he got out of paying taxes.  That is what I do, I will take anything I can get and so should he.  But the problem is, what are his business ties?  Why is he hiding anything?  Surely draining the swamp starts with the leader?  So that bugs me.  I have a problem that he said he would show his taxes and now he isn’t. I get that it is not legally required, but it is obvious that he is hiding something. I now fear that he is hiding a lot.

I’m a simple guy.  My word is my bond and I do business on a handshake.  Saying you will do something and then not doing it, to me is insulting.  So this is actually quite a big deal in my eyes.

Number Two – He has not divested his businesses.

In a neighboring hometown, a mayor created a project and council hired his business to do the work. It’s a small town so not a lot of people could do the job.  But that really pissed me off.  The reason you divest, which means, give up everything, is to serve the people not yourself.  Military serviceman and women put everything on the line (including their lives) to serve their country. The American people expect their President to at least not use his office to enrich himself, his family and his business associates.   This is important because in Trump’s case, we don’t know if he is servicing his friends or his businesses or doing what is right for us.  I look at what he has done and I can’t tell.  Its not right and as a man of principle, it feels bad.

This has never happened before.  If he sold all his businesses, would he be ruined?  Is he really not financially independent?   We don’t know because we haven’t seen his taxes.  By definition, Trump is ethically compromised.  All of this could have easily been sorted out, and possibly new ethical standards could have been crafted. Instead the American People have been shut down and smoke screened.  I smell a rat.  This could really be his undoing.

Recently Eric, who represents him went to Ecuador to make a business deal, it cost the taxpayer nearly 100K – yeah we paid for that.  What happens if we have trade issues with Equator, would Trump make a decision that would bring his businesses at a loss?  Would we pay to send Eric again to protect his interest over the interest of the people?  This is messy at best and criminal at worst. I don’t really understand it all but I understand the principle.  If his businesses were in a blind trust, I wouldn’t care.  Now I do!

Number 3 – He is trying to tell us there were 1.5 million people at his inauguration! Are you fucking kidding me?

I am a photographer and I can tell you, you simply can’t do a head count from ground level.  You need to be up high to accurately access the size of a crowd.  The argument of the picture being at different times has been debunked.  I took special interest in this because once I saw the time lapse, I could see that simply the President was arguing a plain old fashioned lie.  Why?  Why would he do that?  This is math.  Maybe the media dealt him a hard card but so what?  The facts are the facts.  Lets just think that through.  He is arguing the sky is not blue.  What I find incredible is everyone around me is saying, look at that crooked media, the sky is not blue.  But I’m not stupid.  The sky is blue.  There is no alternate fact here.

My friends.  Trust your instincts.  The sky is blue!

Where I stand is that I cannot run and hide anymore.  I cannot change the past; I can only be involved in the future in a way that attempts to fix the problem. The problem is the fact that this president and his administration is full of people who are arguing about the color of the sky. They are only draining the swamp of the people who oppose them, but they are filling it with people who will also say the sky is not blue.

I don’t know what to do.  What I do know is that from here on in, I will not accept any more lies.  Not from Trump not from my family and not from my co-workers.  What I do know is that as long as the Trump family profits from the highest office in the world, we will never know his true intentions.  What I do know is that as long as his taxes are secret, the biggest lie of all we will never truly know.

Should I have voted for Hillary?  Never but I do know that Trump is dangerous and how dangerous is really the only question that we can ask.