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We’re In Love With G. W. B.

We seem to be in love…with a man we sincerely thought was a raging idiot. We so apologize.

George W. Bush…yes, that Bush…made a speech on Thursday, Oct 18, 2017 that roasted Der Drumpf! Hell. It was more than a roasting. It was full-bore B52 napalm strike. It was phasers on incinerate, Mr. Spock. It was …wonderful.

We gotta confess, it took us aback. Yeah, we thought his administration was a disaster (think Iraq War). And we thought his White House was plagued by some genuine villains (can you say Dick Chenny?). And we’re flat out pretty sure that, in some ways, he helped set the stage for the Dumpster.

Yet…and yet…

Even back then we thought he was a decent man. And now, he’s proving it. He is proving that there are good men and women left in the Republican party, and that some of them, at least, are willing to stand up to the Fascists.

So, three cheers for the ex-POTUS.

And let us all…progressives, liberals, centrists, leftists…be ready to embrace such men and women. Let us consider the possibility of not just a Liberal Resistance but also a United Resistance, in which all those of good well (including from the right) are welcome and valued.

Or to put it all another way…this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.