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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads…

Editor’s Note: LiberalResistance.net doesn’t do much reposting of articles from elsewhere on the Web. But, sometimes our writers and editors find material that is just too good to pass up.

This week, our friend and long-time correspondent William Albee sent us two pieces that everyone should read:

First, from CertifiedPolitics, “Freelance Journalist Writes Ice Cold Open Letter to Trump That Is Officially Breaking the Internet!” This is an essay from writer Tucker Benedict in which he tells the Orange One exactly what it means to be an American (and it has nothing to do with Drumpf Dower.”

Second, Albee sent us a link to a piece he wrote and posted to his own Facebook page, A Letter To Senator Murkowski, regarding Graham-Cassidy, which is at the heart of the current (and brutal) attempt to once more shut down Obamacare. Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is a key committee member, and people from all over the nation, not just her own state, are writing to ask her to vote against Graham-Cassidy.

Give both a glance!