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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

We’ve seen several interesting articles this week. Our friend and regular contributor Robert Folkner sent us this note about Larry Flynt offering $10mil for info leading to Der Drumpf’s impeachment. Never thought I’d see a day we’d be cheering the guy that brought us Hustler.

Meanwhile, Mother Jones did a fascinating piece on a little event in our home state of New Mexico. There was an attempt, you see, to rewrite the school’s science standards to include things like “evolution is only a theory” and “global warming is unproven.” Citizens went bananas and the bad guys had to back down. Thank goodness and Darwin for public activism.

The Nation has a truly stomach-turning piece on the Republicans proposed budget. Basically turns over the treasury to the super-rich. Even ordinary millionaires get slammed.

The New York Review of Books, that most revered of all American Lit-Critters, is offering “The Adults in the Room” by James Mann. It deals with the small group of mostly military men (Tillerson, Mattis, MacMaster, and Kelly) who are basically tasked with keeping the Orange One in check. Mann says don’t get your hopes up about them controlling him.

Our friend Mike O’Brien turned us on to a particularly disturbing article from Think Progress. It seems that there are some pretty tight links between white nationalists and supposed mainstream entities, mostly via Robert Mercer, co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, a massive hedge fund. Scary stuff.

Here’s a fun one. Alex Jones and his Infowars have been selling dietary supplements for ages. Now, the Center for Environmental Health organization says that the Infowar products are chock-o-block full of lead, a proven neural toxin. We don’t know if it is true, but Jones drinks/eats a lot of the stuff on the air. Would explain some things. Just saying.