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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

Here at LR Net, we like to find and share articles and other material of interest that we find around the Web. (And, BTW, if you see some piece that you think should be part of our regular Good Reads section, give us a shout. We’re always up for input.)

So, this week, here’s some things you might want to explore:

  • Here’s a fascinating article from the New York Times, “The ‘Resistance,’ Raising Big Money, Upends Liberal Politics,” by Kenneth P. Vogel. The author looks at how liberals and progressives, terrified by Trump’s election, and outraged by the DNC’s apparent inertia, are raising significant money, and organizing, to remake the established Left in this country. It may well be the Democratic Party, as it currently stands, is in for a revolution.
  • Here’s one we got from our friend Brent Williams. It isn’t exactly an article, but it is interesting. The organization Sustainable Human creates videos and other material that explores the morality of our current economic, political, social, and environmental situation. The group has just released a new video, “How Capitalism Exploits Us And What To Do About It,” which is worth a watch. LR Net isn’t exactly opposed to free enterprise, but we do believe that the society needs to re-think how it is done. You can see the video on the group’s website or its Facebook page.
  • This one is from our friend Robert Folkner. He directs our attention to an opinion piece, “Evangelical conservatives are proving their harshest critics right,” by Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post. Rubin explores the fascinating way that the “Christian” Right has lived down to all our expectations. Sci-Fi fans may recall Robert Heinlein foretold, way back in the 1940s, a future American theocracy. Seems we’re getting pretty close.
  • Here’s an interesting article, though you’ll need the Tor Browser to read it. (Dark net sites have an “onion” suffix, and you can only access them through Tor. Meaning the two following links are inaccessible if you’re using just a normal browser.) In any case, the news magazine, Deep.Dot.Web, in the article “Cyber-security: A Rising Threat in the Middle East,” posted by “M Rattle,” notes that Middle Eastern nations are (belatedly) waking up to the threat cyber-attacks pose to their economic and political systems. If only a few folks in these United States had realized that as well, and a little earlier…we’d all be happier right now.
  • There are lots of stories on the web right now about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse of pretty much every woman in reach. But, we won’t post any links to them. They’re easy to find without LR Net. And they depress us so much.
  • Here’s a disturbing piece, this one by Peter S. Goodman and Jonathan Soblect, again in the NY Times, entitled “Global Economy’s Stubborn Reality: Plenty of Work, Not Enough Pay.” The authors note that while jobs are increasingly plentiful, employers (at least big ones) are ever more tight-fisted about salaries. As a result, workers in all parts of the world are growing increasingly angry—maybe even dangerously so—particularly as they watch while CEOs gain ever-higher compensation packages. If free enterprise is to survive, its practitioners may need to rethink its ground rules.
  • We don’t normally read The Atlantic, but the current issue has a pretty interesting piece. In “How Republicans Got Trump Catastrophically Wrong,” McKay Coppins explores how the GOP elites figured that Trump was more verbiage than reality, and that once he was in the White House he’d act like a normal president. In other words, they made the classic error of assuming that they could control the despot once he was in office. Wonder how many times that mistake’s been made.

More to come!