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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

And from around the web …

Powerful oped piece over in the New York Times this week, The Boys Are Not All Right by Michael Ian Blackfed. He argues that America’s boys have been damaged by changing circumstances and until they, too, have a movement like feminism to liberate manhood and offer “full expression” to their gender, they will keep picking up guns and shooting people. A disturbing read, but perhaps important.

Here’s one from the Washington Post, Trump’s Social Security budget offers more work, less staff, longer waits by Joe Davidson. It seems that Dolt 45’s new budget aims at major cuts in staffing. Get ready for way longer waits in line and on the phone. Maybe the plan is to cut costs by having us die of old age while we’re still on hold.

Very nice piece over on the MSNBC site (also part of The MaddowBlog), Donald Trump and his ‘bunch of criminals, by Steve Benen. In it, Benen relentlessly notes all the scandals that have hit the Trump Whitehouse. He concludes that der Drumpf is way ahead of the game. Most administrations, even the worst of them, don’t have this many hits until deep into the Second Term. “Trump,” he notes, “appears to be on an expedited schedule.”

Also from the Post, here’s one that would be funny, if it weren’t so sad. Carter Page has likened Sean Hannity to news icon, Edward R. Murrow. And Sean was too modest to disagree. According to Callum Borcher, writing in Sean Hannity as Edward R. Murrow? Fox News opinion hosts style their shows as ‘actual journalism,” the Fox folks present themselves as real journalists, as opposed to the fake stuff offered by CNN and the BBC. The scary thing? They may actually believe it.

Another Post story, Why Mueller reportedly thinks Trump might have known about the Russia hacks in advance by Philip Bump. Mr. Bump provides an interesting and thorough exploration of various reasons Muller might believe that Trump knew about the Russian attacks on our election long before 2017. He is polite enough to leave out the one reason that we all have—i.e. that Drumpf’s an SOB and that’s the kind of shit he’d pull.

More to come!