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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

As always, lots of good (i.e., terrifying) stuff on the web this week.

First off, over at the Washington Post we have White House reels as FBI director contradicts official claims about alleged abuser by Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker and Josh Dawsey. Seems that each time the Orange Administration offers an explanation as to what really happened in the recent domestic abuse cases, the FBI contradicts it in sworn testimony. Very embarrassing, I’m sure. Dang those unvarnished facts. They keep getting in the way of important White House business.

Oh, also at the Post, check out Mark Berman’s Longtime Trump attorney says he made $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels with his money by Mark Berman. Seems that Michael Cohen finally got around to admitting he paid the porn star big bucks. He’d denied it before, but then someone pointed out that if he did make a payment, it would be regarded as an unreported campaign expense. So he ‘fessed up. He didn’t say why he forked over the cash. But, come on, you don’t need to be Sherlock to figure this one out.

Okay, now pop over to Esquire and check out Scott Galloway’s piece, Silicon Valley’s Tax-Avoiding, Job-Killing, Soul-Sucking Machine. I love a good subtle title, don’t you? Anyway, he makes the compelling argument that Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google are now monopolies that dominate our lives. The solution, he says, is to do to them exactly what the Progressives did to the old time Trusts. I.e., bust those puppies up.

Meanwhile, there’s a damn scary article over on The Intercept. Eoin Higgins writes about How ICE Works to Strip Citizenship from Naturalized Americans. Yes, it seems ICE has a goal—kicking out of the country people who have actually earned their citizenship and are legal residents. Interesting thought. So, drug barons okay. Naturalized lawyers, doctors, and scientists not. Just wanted to be sure I knew how things worked around here.

Oh, and here’s free enterprise at work. Check out Matt Egan’s article Painkiller that once cost $138 is now $2,979 on CNN. Seems that when Horizon Pharma bought the company that makes the common painkiller Vimovo, the boys on the board upped the price to nearly $3K a bottle. So glad to see that the markets always regulate themselves.

But surely the Orange One will save us from this misguided price gouging? Okay, that was a joke. More believable is this story from Louis Nelson over at Politico, “Priebus on White House chaos: ‘Take everything you’ve heard and multiply it by 50.’” It seems that former chief of staff Reince Priebus opened up to author Chris Whipple. And, guess what? He says the stories we’ve heard don’t begin to describe the situation. The truth is so much worse.

Speaking of things getting worse, according to Jennifer Bendery writing in Huffpost tells us that Trump’s Budget Cuts Millions Of Dollars From Gun Background Check System. Yes, folks, even as we have another school shooting and yet more dead on the ground, Der Drumpf is cutting back on the funds that might keep guns out of the hands of killers and criminals. Great going, oh, Orange One!

But maybe that explains something. The more that people know about Drumpf’s stupidity, the more the more reasonable among them are inclined not to vote for him. Which means, he has good reason to shut down honest journalism. And, in fact, that’s what John Nichols thinks may be happening. Writing in The Nation, he argues that With His Assault on PBS and NPR, Trump Seeks to Eliminate Real News. Let’s hope that Big Bird and Cookie Monster clean his clock.