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We’re Looking For A Few Good Reads

So what’s the news around the Web this week? Well…

In guts, you know he’s nuts…

Vox’s Eliza Barclay gives us The psychiatrist who briefed Congress on Trump’s mental state: this is “an emergency.” It seems that “Bandy Lee, an assistant professor in forensic psychiatry … at the Yale School of Medicine who has devoted her 20-year career to studying, predicting, and preventing violence” has had a long hard look at Der Drumpf and concluded he’s an extremely dangerous individual who might easily (to quote the famous SNL skit) “get us all killed.”

Not a comfortable thing to think about late at night. Still, maybe people like Lee will force folks to reconsider the 25th Amendment.

Meanwhile, over at RobertReich.com (and also at CommonDreams), Robert Reich seriously asks the question “Seriously, How Dumb is Trump?” His unnerving answer: Der Drumpf is a brilliant as a con artist, but pretty well clueless in everything else. “Political conning is Trump’s genius,” Reich notes. “This genius – combined with his utter stupidity in every other dimension of his being – poses a clear and present danger to America and the world.”

He, too, concludes that the 25th Amendment needs to be employed now—before it’s just too late.

Where’s there’s smoke…

Meanwhile, Michael Wolff’s kiss-and-tell non-fiction novel, Fire and Fury, is generating a lot of commentary. The general theme of reviews of the book is Take-It-With-A-Grain-Of-Salt, But-He’s-Got-A-Good-Point, just the same.

Gail Barth has got a good review of the book over on TrumpForPrison.org. She makes the point that Wolff’s no Edward R. Murrow, but at least he gets Trump personality right—which it to say, it’s awful. Daniel W. Drezner, over at the Washington Post, comes to a similar conclusion. He argues that “Wolff’s book should be taken seriously but not literally. The larger thesis that Trump is unfit to be the commander in chief is a point well taken.”

DeVos: American Horror Story

Run, do not walk, to the Scientific American website and read, “Betsy DeVos: A Disaster for Student Civil Rights,” by Dana Hunter. It is as damning and as comprehensive an indictment of the DeVos as I have yet seen in print.

Hunter, who is a talented science (and science fiction) writer, goes through each DeVos’ failings: her refusal to protect LGBTQA students, her covert war against students of color, her reversal of efforts meant to shield women from rape, and on, and on, and on.

As Hunter makes all too clear, DeVos is a catastrophe for students, for higher education, for learning, and for science. Which, by the way, is a way saying that she is a catastrophe for the nation. A country which cannot teach, or at least allow teachers to do their jobs, is one which will not be able to compete in future.

Or, to put it all another way, yet another case of treason…

Will it ever end?

Another day, another lie…

So, from the “Sigh…” department…

We learn from Noland D. McCaskill writing in Politico that the Drumpf ended 2017 by claiming that he had signed more legislation than any president in their first year. This was, of course, a complete falsehood. In fact, writes McCaskill, “he has now signed the fewest number of bills into law of any first-year president dating back to Dwight Eisenhower…”

So, total nonsense.

But, does he understand that he isn’t telling the truth? We must confess we have the feeling that maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t. It is, after all, one of the defining features of a morbid narcissist that they are pathological liars, that is, they make up a story and tell it, and then haven’t the remotes idea that it might be a fib.

Which makes us worry.

If you plugged 45 into a lie detector…and questioned him…and he lied as we all know he would lie, automatically, like a reflex…

Would the machine even notice? Or would the heart rate, the sweat glands, and the respiration just keep running at normal? Like he was not condemning us all to poverty and pain… but rather doing exactly the best thing to do.

And he’d believe it. He’d believe ever last word. It would be true. Absolutely true.

Cross his heart. And hope to…

Der Drumpf’s Gestapo?

Here is a genuinely terrifying story. It seems that Der Drumpf wants to use the Department Of Homeland Security to suppress voter turnout.

Writing in CommonDreams, Brian Tashman notes that Trump Wants Homeland Security to Continue Dirty Work of Voter Suppression. It seems that Orange One wants to use Homeland Security to weed out voters who might not be legitimate—which, history has shown, means those who don’t vote for him.

It gets worse. According to Tashman, Trump is taking advice on all this from Kris Kobach, the Secretary of State of Kansas who, you will remember, let the ill-fated “Election Integrity Commission” which was supposed to gather up personal information on virtually everyone in the country, but which got scrapped when the individual states refused to handover such data.

Now, however, Kobach seems to be planning on using Homeland Security as a kind of personal illegal alien hunting operation. Whether Homeland Security will prove more tractable than the States remains to be seen.

But no matter what happens, Trump’s plan to use the massive powers of the Homeland as a person weapon is deeply disturbing.

Steele-y Resolve

Next time you’re on the web, cruise over to Vanity Fair’s site and check out Abigail Tracy’s insightful Trumpworld’s Counter-Collusion Narrative Is Beginning to Crumble. She notes that the Drumpf’s minions “have zeroed in on the Trump-Russia dossier compiled by Christopher Steele, accusing the F.B.I. of using the opposition-research document as the basis for its inquiry into the Trump campaign.” Steele, you see, was indirectly employed at one point by Secretary Clinton.

Ah, but unfortunately for the Orange One and his deplorables, that dog don’t hunt. Recently, the people who really did hire Steele, Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch of the research firm Fusion GPS, have demanded that Congress release the transcripts of their some twenty-one hours of testimony before no less than three congressional committees. That the GOP dominated Congress hasn’t done so would suggest that there’s material in the testimony that isn’t too flattering to Trump, and which shows that the FBI is investigating Trump for reasons quite unrelated to Steele’s report.

Something they teach you in law school. Don’t ask questions to which you don’t already know the answers. Well, even his lawyers know Der Drumpf is guilty as sin…

Rednecks…With A Whole Meaning Of Red

According to the conventional wisdom, Trump supporters are hillbillies, hicks, white trash, and rednecks.

And, well, maybe some of them are. The kicker is that not all Rednecks are Trumpsters. In fact, there is an active movement of left-wing “rednecks” (and that’s what they call themselves) that aims to protect political and racial minorities…by force, if necessary.

Writing in Newsweek, Cristina Maza notes that a new organization, Redneck Revolt, is a militant and activist group, composed mostly of working class whites, that seeks to defend anti-Trump forces from Rightists and Fascists. They carry firearms and their website makes it pretty clear that they aren’t to be trifled with.

So, special note to all those right wing militias that like to go to protests and intimidate snowflakes and cucks…

Might want to rethink your options.