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Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth

We very rarely offer non-political material on this site. But, since we are so close to the holidays, we are going to make an exception…which is not (paradoxically) really an exception…and share this video of a truly lovely song.

It is Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth, as preformed (improbably enough) as a duet by Bing Crosby and none other than David Bowie. The story is that Bowie was recruited to appear on one of Crosby’s Christmas specials. He was asked to sing the old Christmas song, Little Drummer Boy, but Bowie asked to sing anything but that, as he hated it.

So, Ian Fraser, Larry Grossman, and Alan Kohan wrote a new piece of music, Peace On Earth, which Bowie sang in counterpoint to Crosby’s Drummer Boy. It proved an astonishing successful mix and the combined piece became a true holiday classic.

We offer this song today both because it is lovely, and also because it is metaphor for our age. It may be that by combining radical alternatives in life and politics, as in music, we may create and new and better world.