A Lie Is A Lie Is...Veritas

A Lie Is A Lie Is…Veritas?

A Lie Is A Lie Is

By Burton Gretzinger

This is beautiful.

SFGATE has audio and video recording of the exchange between Washington Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen and purported rape victim Jaime T. Phillips. Ms. Phillips contacted Washington Post to supposedly help smear Roy Moore in his election campaign for US Senate.

But Ms. Phillips was lying. She was quite apparently working for Project Veritas, a group dedicated to trying to discredit MS.M Liberal reporting by planting fake stories in their reportage.

Ms. Phillips and Project Veritas got severely served by Washington Post in their failed attempt right here. Washington Post (like most news services), cross-checks and verifies allegations before they push anything toward publication.

Libel is a big thing, and news companies have known for EONS how to check facts and verify stories before they commit their stories to publication.

Project Veritas, apparently, didn’t get that memo. Headed by an idiot, James O’Keefe (who’s been busted before for illegal actions, most notably in the ACORN videos– which were highly edited to make a false point), Project Veritas and O’Keefe continually try to subvert the truth with planted or artfully edited “evidence”. They both fail spectacularly.

Watch the video. Pay special attention to around the 7:30 mark when things start to get tense. Ms. McCrummen basically starts to come in with the “kill” on Ms. Phillips’ shaky story and background– and Ms. Phillips very obviously knows she’s been busted. She’s given numerous opportunities by Ms. McCrummen to come clean on the deception, but refuses and then bows out of the conversation (and story).

Days later, Ms. Phillips is recorded walking into the New York Office of Project Veritas, and James O’Keefe refused to comment or verify Ms. Phillips as an employee (or contract worker).

O’Keefe and his little “Veritas” (ancient Roman, meaning “truth”) site has repeatedly been caught red-handed in everything but the truth. In the age of Trump, these lies are exalted by the inchoate power of calling evidence to the contrary “Fake News”.

Expect major pushback from Fox and Breitbart. Bannon damn sure won’t let this go. Reality is now “Fake”, because hyperbole is now a cause to strip true events and quotes of any meaning to the public at large. The public doesn’t understand alt-right reality, so they need to be indoctrinated by first convincing them what was said and done really wasn’t said and done.

That’s where CONSPIRACY THEORIES make their mark.

And that’s how Trump and Bannon and Roy Moore can expect to fleece America of any sense of reality and convince the masses of whatever they wish, and get what they want.

Freakin’ P.T. Barnum was a rookie compared to what’s going on, here:

Suckers aren’t “born every minute”. They’re converted in masses with every declaration of “Fake” this or “Fake” that spouted by an ignorant loser with a “God Complex” who was accidentally elected.

Oh… and as far as some sort of conspiracy by the Left to magically control people… if O’Keefe is all the Right has…

Why are they so lame?