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Liberals and Leftists: Not Friends, But Maybe Allies

There is an interesting piece on the Current Affairs site that we might all want to look at. In The Difference Between Liberalism and Leftism, the magazine’s editor, Nathan J. Robinson, gives us a reasoned and thoughtful examination of the difference between Liberals and Progressives, or Leftists, as he calls them. His conclusion is that in spite of all our wishful thinking to the contrary, there is a lot of difference between the two positions, so much that is difficult to think of them as being all that alike.

Still, he concludes, Liberals and Leftists can work together. We may not have enough in common to ever be just the opposite sides of the same coin, but we can work together amicably to remove Trump and his Fascists and Racists. We may have very different outlooks on economics, nationalism, and even life in general, but we can agree when we see a dictatorship in the making.

Just as an aside, here at, we’ve sort of suspected something like this for years. In fact, over the long run, we think we’ll see two parties in America, a moderate to liberal Democratic Party, and a Leftist/Progressive Social Democratic Party. It would be, once again, a two party system, but one without Trump and his supporters.

However, whatever the more distant future holds, we do have to work together to rid this nation of Trump. Or else we will jointly face horrors beyond any we can imagine.