Endorses Alan Webber Endorses Alan Webber

As we’ve said before (quoting the late, great Tip O’Neal), all politics is local. Therefore, we like to get involved in local races wherever we can—both in the communities in which our writers and readers reside, and also in our home state of New Mexico.

And so it is that today, we’re announcing that has endorsed Alan Webber for Mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Why Webber? Well, he’s a man with quite a history. On the political side, he’s been an advisor to governors, mayors, and city managers in communities across the country (quite literally from Massachusetts to Oregon). That’s sort of impressive, when you think about it. There aren’t many consultants who are in demand from coast to coast.

Plus, on the private side, he’s been a business professional of no little repute. He was

Editorial Director of the Harvard Business Review and co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of Fast Company magazine. Yes, we confess to a slight bias for fellow journalists and editors, but, even so, those are accomplishments to be noted

And, finally, he’s embraced a lot of progressive ideas that we think are very cool.  For example, he says he hopes to, “Make Santa Fe the most sustainable City in the country with particular focus on renewable energy, water conservation, and food security and quality.”

All in all, given Mr. Webber’s background, skill-set, and progressive views, we think he’d make one top-notch mayor.

So, let’s get out there and get him into office, folks! The City Different needs another Mayor Progressive.

~The Editors