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Liberal Resistance Partners With USA Unify!

We are delighted to announce that Liberal Resistance will partner with USA Unify (, a volunteer nonprofit organization that uses new media, data analysis, and knowledge sharing to promote progressive causes and help Democrats run for office on state, local, and federal levels.

“This is a perfect match,” notes Liberal Resistance managing editor Michael Jay Tucker. “Liberal Resistance has a long history of content generation, but our outreach has been limited by a lack of presence on the larger Web. USA Unify has the kind of reach we haven’t had, but it needs content. That’s what we’ve got.”

The two organizations will soon share their social media lists. Further, USA Unify will adopt the Liberal Resistance blog/online magazine as its own publication.

USA Unify, along with its own media arm, Progressive Power, was founded by a group of dedicated volunteers from the high tech industry in the Bay Area. Following the election of Donald Trump, they decided they had to become involved with liberal politics. They then began USA Unify as a means of promoting progressive causes and, more importantly, progressive people.

To this end, USA Unify and Progressive Power have assisted over thirty Liberal and Democratic candidates run for office in the last few years — including Beto O’Rourke in his Senate run in 2018. In addition, it can provide its candidates, causes, and other clients with affordable video production services, help with marketing campaigns, assistance with digital ad optimization, and a variety of data science services.

And all of this it does as a nonprofit.

So, stay tuned, Liberal Resistance readers and fans! The LR/USA Unify partnership is moving forward. We’ve got lots more to come.