“Liberal Losers” - Liberal Resistance

“Liberal Losers”

We lost the battle to stop Kavanaugh’s Nomination

     We will not lose the War to Impeach Trump

                          by Marc Keyser, TheResistance.blog

Due diligence

Trump nominated Bret Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Republicans in the Senate rubber stamped the nomination, and the sham FBI background “investigation” made it official.

We lost the fight.

The FBI report, finished in three days, claims there is not enough evidence against Kavanaugh to disqualify him; however, the sham investigation doesn’t tell the whole story. The sexual assault allegations, the lies, the angry outburst in front of Congress, the partisan bias are all red flags. The real danger is Kavanaugh is a Trump asset on the United States Supreme Court.

Trump is stacking the Supreme Court with a Republican ideologue, a conservative elite, a partisan, political hack, an accused sex offender mired in scandal, a pawn who will do Trump’s bidding. This appointment gives President Trump and the Republicans more control over the Supreme Court.

Just as Donald Trump is Putin’s asset and should not be in the White House, Brett Kavanaugh is Trump’s asset and does not belong on the Supreme Court. Trump’s corruption is spreading from Congress to the courts like a malignant cancer.

The fix is in.

When questions of Kavanaugh’s fitness as a judge became a national scandal, Trump agreed to an FBI investigation then turned it into a sham. Is was not an impartial, in depth investigation. It did not address the questions that must be answered about the allegations of rape.

We have a criminally insane President, a traitor and a confessed sexual predator. Trump Republicans who control Congress just put Trump’s flunky Bret Kavanaugh, an alleged sexual predator, a political hack and Republican extremist on the Supreme Court… because they are in power and because they can.

           “Liberal Losers”

The Resistance fought the good fight to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh; but we faced the raw power of arrogant dictators in Washington with antiquated methods of protesting. We lost, and that, I suppose, makes us “Liberal Losers”.

Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) in a fit of anger told protesters to “grow up”. So now we’re “Liberal Losers” who need to “grow up”.

The spirit was willing but the ways and means of protest were weak.

We need to take advantage of advances in telecommuni- cation technology. We need to use our smartphones to step up our protest against Trump… and start winning.

Take it to the phones not just to the streets.

The public phones are the battlefield where the fighting forces of the Resistance have the tactical advantage. On our smartphones, we are a mighty army of anonymous callers that is unstoppable.

We need to go Old Testament and give Trump and Congress their Day of Reckoning.

He lifts up a banner for the distant nations, he whistles for those at the ends of the earth to call Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Here they come to the phones, swiftly and speedily! Not one of them grows tired or stumbles, not one slumbers or sleeps; not a belt is loosened at the waist, not a sandal strap is broken. Their tongues are as sharp as arrows, all their bows are strung; their horses’ hooves seem like flint, their chariot wheels like a whirlwind. Their roar is like that of the lion, they roar like young lions; they growl as they seize their prey and carry it off.

There is no way to answer the phones faster or clear the lines and rescue Bank of America from the jaws of bankruptcy.
Isaiah 5:26-30 NIV

We are phone warriors.

We do not fall or stumble in battle. We are an invincible army gathered from around the globe to invade the and over run the phones of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

On our smartphones, we are free to call Bank of America without being attacked by Trump’s armed and dangerous Nazi followers in the streets… the riot police can’t see us much less stop us with tear gas and rubber bullets and mass arrests.

Protesting by phone is so convenient. Join by phone and help shut down Bank of America Merrill Lynch in cities around the globe. Just block their lines of communication with mass calling, and let Bank of America and Congress do as much redemptive suffering as it takes for them to see the wisdom in meeting our demands.

The secret to success is to weaponize our smartphones

You can use your smartphone for text messaging, browsing, and online banking, so why not use your smartphone for power protesting? On our phones, we have People Power, we have the overwhelming numbers of activists around the world who can join in calling.

All we have to do is call Bank of America and non-violently non-cooperate to wreak havoc on their business empire. Without firing a shot, we can jam their phones and cut their lines of communication. We can boycott Bank of America by phone, disrupt business, and cost them a bloody fortune until Congress impeaches Trump or Congress loses Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Got a phone and a few minutes?

  • Drop a bunker bomb on Bank of America. Call in solidarity until their business blows up like a ball of aluminum foil in the microwave. Block their phones until their communications implode and their business suffers a melt-down.

  • Why call Bank of America Merrill Lynch? Because that’s where the money is. They are a key player in the shadow government that controls our government. They have enough representatives in Congress on their payroll to get things done. When Bank of America speaks, Congress listens.

  • Take your money out of Bank of America. You don’t want to be calling to start a run on the bank and leave your money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch until the avalanche hits and there is a run on the bank and it’s too late.

  • Don’t just march on Washington, demonstrate out front of the nearest branch of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Make the news, help spread the word, and turn customers away.

  • Call anonymously risk free. You don’t need to travel anywhere or take time off work and lose pay. You don’t risk being tear gassed, beaten by riot police, attacked by dogs, blasted with high power pressure water hoses, shot with rubber bullets, or arrested and carted off to jail. Do don’t have to fear being attacked, run over, killed or injured by Trump’s army of Nazis. Just call Bank of America and pray for them… or curse them. Put the fear of God into Trump Republicans who control Congress until they see the wisdom of impeaching Trump and declaring his presidency illegitimate.

  • Organizing your own Call Squad to boycott the nearest Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Activate people on social media. Get the word out. Use your smartphone to network and help the Phone Protest go viral on the Internet bringing thousands, millions of protesters around the globe to the phones to overrun Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

  • Shut down one Bank of America branch to make the news, go viral and ignite a Global Phone Protest in cities around the world. Interrupt business in Bank of America’s vast financial empire, and cost them a bloody fortune.

  • Financial markets hate uncertainty. Trump Republicans with money in Bank of America Merrill Lynch will join the protest and turn on the bank the minute they get the bad news. They will join us on the phones flooding the bank with angry calls and complaints wanting their money out of the bank… to be safe.

  • If the Republicans in Congress do not impeach Trump, we will take to the phones. The boycott will build until stock holders panic and start a sell-off that crashes the bank’s stock causing a meltdown on Wall Street. Trump is a malignant tumor that has spread to Congress and cannot be removed by half-measures signing petitions and “taking it to the streets”. We need to take it to the phones and take down Bank of America until our voices are heard in Congress. In order to speak to power, we must be in a position of power.


We need a few good community organizers in a few cities to start the Phone Protest against Bank of America and force Republicans who control Congress to impeach Trump for treason and declare his presidency illegitimate and everything he has done as President null and void. Every appointment he has made starting with Kavanaugh, every executive order he has issued, and every bill he has signed is invalid and must be annulled, negated, cancelled, deleted, thrown out, and obliterated. mailto:ogkeyser@gmail.com